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Dropped calls and slow data speeds are a thing of the past. You can now look forward to always being connected and staying connected. TotalCom can keep you better connected by installing a weBoost cellular signal booster in your home. Our solution takes an existing cell signal from outside, amplifies it, then broadcasts it throughout your home.

  • Max cell coverage for your home
  • Versatile inside antenna fits on wall or shelf
  • Ability to target cell towers from any location
  • No subscription fees or additional payments

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Say Goodbye to Slow Wi-Fi

Does it ever feel like your internet speed begins to crawl as you connect more devices? Dead spots and buffering with a connection that slows you down is frustrating. We’re proud to offer Wi-Fi booster systems like eero Pro that can deliver faster speeds, increase your internet’s efficiency, and reduce network congestion while multiple devices are in use. TotalCom can give your home the connectivity it deserves.

  • Fast and easy setup & installation
  • World-class network protections
  • Automatic security, patch, and feature updates

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