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Access Control. It’s More Important Than You Think.

Access control doesn’t just increase safety. It increases the legitimacy of your business.

Access control solutions help you secure your facility, manage employee access and monitor locations remotely. All good things. Really good things. With access control, you can limit access to areas necessary to perform duties or change access credentials immediately if employment status changes. But there are countless other often overlooked benefits, too. Like boosting the legitimacy of your business and increasing the perceived value of your service.

TotalCom equips San Antonio companies of all sizes with attainable access control systems, that are perfect for your size now-- and scalable as your needs grow.

Have an existing security system?

What are some of the design components? Systems may include some of the following:

  • Reader: biometric, proximity, and keypads
  • Locks: mag locks and door strikes
  • Audits and compliance reporting
  • Badging systems and printers
  • Access cards and key fobs
  • Communication modules
  • Web based software
  • Fingerprint sensors
  • Controller
  • Locks

With TotalCom access control systems you can:

  • Ability to have holiday schedule access
  • Single or multiple workstation access
  • Grant permissions for access
  • Improve customer confidence
  • Enhance employee safety
  • Manage access remotely
  • Increase perceived value
  • Create a unified culture
  • Change access levels
  • Revoke permissions
  • Enhance security
  • Protect assets

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Some of the Products We Carry

Some of the Products We Carry

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